Dna, the structure of life itself! Without dna nothing could exist everything from plants to us (humans) dna contains genes which tell your body what to do like telling your hair to be brown or our eyes to be hazel this can be represented by using a punnett square (see below)

Girl in a jacket

This punnet square represents the colour of bannanas the capital Y is the Dominent genes (or the 50 person army!) and the lower case y's are the ressesive genes (or the 25 person army!) in this case the 50 person army (dominent genes) is yellow and the 25 person army (ressesive genes) are green.

So: 25 person army (green) = y, 50 person army (yellow) = Y

Y+Y = yellow Y+y = yellow y+y = green

Don't understand, Don't worry! it is complicated ask an adult about it if you are really unsure!

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