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Well weps is basically a website devoted to the environment and saving it this is as not enough people are realising what is happening to our world: The ozone layer is dying, greenhouse gases are taking over and polution is everywhere, and that is our purpose. P.S- Our website is fully coded and up to date with the latest HTML. If you would like to see all our information in one place go here

In addition to our info to the environment, we also give information about mental-health and how to save endagered animals. See our intro video below or go herewe are not responsible for any external links or web pages

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The Facts



Deforestation is a devastation it is when big companies are cutting down trees and killing plants and maybe even animals, it is sad to see that happening and we can't really stop it but we can try and save our pieces of the land. The real deforestation happens near big forests such as the amazon rainforest so you could start petitions about it or start a march about you just need to get heard, So you can help by: -Planting new trees if you take them down -Planting trees anyway -Playing your part


Pollution is caused by cars and factories emitting smoke which is then released into the ozone layer. Which is a layer protecting us from the sun and space debris (*1) but each day pollution erases part of the ozone layer, this can be stopped by walking more as cars emit large amounts of greenhouse gas. But also rubbish dumps are a suspect of pollution such as waste sites as they are just left there to rot. The air that we all breathe has a very exact chemical structure and most of it is made up of nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour. Air pollution occurs when chemicals that aren't normally in the air are added to the air. A common type of air pollution happens when people release chemical particles into the air from burning fuels. This pollution looks like soot, containing millions of tiny particles, floating in the air and they are very bad for you.

*1 - Junk that floats through space


Water Pollution

Water pollution is when factory's and big companies feed junk and sewage waste into our ocean then this causes the ocean to be polluted then we eat fish which were living in the polluted sea so then we become sick. To stop this, you can think more carefully about things you flush down the loo. Mainly it Is big countries using sewer pipes to flush out toxic waste into the sea or rivers. With billions of people on the planet, disposing of sewage waste is a major problem. According to 2015 and 2016 figures from the World Health Organization, with about 663 million people don't have access to safe drinking water, while 2.4 billion (40 percent of the world's population) don't have proper sanitation (hygienic toilet facilities); although there have been great improvements in securing access to clean water, relatively little progress has been made on improving global sanitation in the last decade. Sewage disposal affects people's immediate environments and leads to water-related illnesses such as diarrhoea that kills 525,000 children under 5 each year. Back in 2002, the World Health Organization estimated that water-related diseases could kill as many as 135 million people by 2020.But the main problem is what people flush down the toilet, see weird things people flush down the toilet here

Rich and Poor inequality

Sadly, in our life today not everyone in the world is equal, this could be because of their countries government or their country has run out of money. The poorest country in the world is the Democratic Republic of the Congo then followed by Zimbabwe then Burundi they Liberia the Eritrea then Niger then Afghanistan. It is not always the countries fault that they have ran out of money because most of the time they are forced to pay over 300 Billion pounds in debt to big countries even though they already have paid the dept. What is shocking is that the worlds 300 richest people own more money than the poorest 3 billion people, also did you know that big companys take over 90 billion pounds from the poor countries. The richest countries in the world (The USA) are 80% richer than the poorest countries in the world


Needs Stopping


The causes of poverty are lack of certain materials such as food/water or a shelter but there are many ways to start it: A natural disaster such as an earthquake (as it can knock down buildings/shelters) a government switch (like dictators) can make prices higher and make it harder to live and finally addictive drugs such as beer (as when you are addicted your body need it) and maybe gambling all your money away. Just remember if you ever have an issue you can talk to anyone like a responsible adult or childline. Want more info? Go Here

Mental Health

Special Report

Mental health (or your emotional well-being) is how you feel, it is completely different to physical health as that is about exercise whereas mental health is how you feel like inside you. Your mental health can make you enjoy things, get angry at things or just be sad. To maintain good mental health you need to exercise and keep fit (Not like massive muscles but doing some walking instead of always driving)

For more info see here

Endangered Animals

Animals are becoming extinct every day due to poachers who kill animals for stuff like ivory or just for fun. This can be helped by sponsoring animals via wwf.org.uk you can donate an amount from £5 +. An endangered species is a species which has been categorised as very likely to become extinct. Endangered (EN), as categorised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, is the second most severe conservation status for wild populations in the IUCN's schema after Critically Endangered (CR).

Animal mistreatment

Sometimes people aren't always the nicest to animals this isn't always on purpose it is because they don't feel ok because they might have a mental health issue or they could be stressed, but sadly sometimes people are just cruel and will intentionally hurt the animals but there is a sentence for that which a maximum of 2 years and 50 - 100 days minimum wage pay. Farms are the biggest place of animal abuse as there are so many cute animals there and because many many farmers are actually overworked or stressed

Equality over time

Over time the fairness of life and people are growing. Over years people (dark, white and in-between) have been treated differently like dark people weren't allowed to go to places like the cinema or shops this is unfair and luckily no longer happens nowadays. Also, quite a long time ago women were not as equal as males as they weren't allowed to vote, this was changed when a group of women (Suffragettes) came together and fought for their rights! And they got it now everyone (over the age of 18) has a right to vote.


Dna, the structure of life itself! Without dna nothing could exist everything from plants to us (humans) dna contains genes which tell your body what to do like telling your hair to be brown or our eyes to be hazel

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